Romulus firefighter Ron Thiede found the 4-year-old girl alive, still buckled in a booster seat strapped to her airlinechair. Many remember the tragic crash of Northwest Airlines flight 255 off of I-94 in Detroit, now after three decades, a local first responder is paying tribute to. Aircraft and crew. The sole survivor was a 4-year-old girl who sustained serious injuries. Proper use of checklist is reliable, and fosters predictable and standardized crewmember interaction., The handbook goes on to say, checklist items may be performed without direct reference to the checklist, however, all checklist items will subsequently be read aloud in sequence while visually checking the items to assure completion. Virginia Robinson, 45, Fountain Valley, Calif. Capt. Its strength going on here, he said. One hundred forty-eight passengers and six crew members were killed in the crash. Many will do so again on Aug. 16, 2017 at 8:46 p.m., the time of the accident. J. Cathie Corona, 44, St. Clair Shores, Mich. Lewis Dresch, 45, Sterling Heights, Mich. Ernest John Mathews, 38, Sterling Heights, Mich. Eric Mazade, 30, Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. Suzanne Morris, 35, Federal Way, Wash., off-duty Northwest flight attendant. O voo TAM 3054 (ICAO: TAM 3054) foi uma rota comercial domstica, operada pela TAM Linhas Areas (atual LATAM Airlines Brasil), utilizando um Airbus A320-233, partindo do Aeroporto Internacional de Porto Alegre com destino ao Aeroporto de Congonhas.Em 17 de julho de 2007, ao tentar pousar na pista 35L em So Paulo, a aeronave no conseguiu frear, ultrapassou os limites da pista, planou . A Northwest representative calls a few times each day just to keep in contact with us and to work out the details of returning Rhetts body to them, Reid Bushong said Wednesday, speaking from Ohio. [1]:22,26 The plane rolled 90 to the left, striking the roof of an Avis Car Rental building. That fireball was caused by the impact of the DC-9 jet crashing onto Middlebelt Road. Other than one training report during his probationary period, all of the airline's captains with whom Dodds had flown graded him as average or above average. But many remain, clustered in their hotels or at the airport lounge, exchanging stories and compassion with strangers who share their tragedy. Ill never forget the images of body bags among the debris. The identification process has been slow, Spitz told reporters outside the morgue Tuesday. [10] She sustained severe burns and fractures to her skull, collarbone, and left leg. . I was getting to the end of my shift, it was getting to be twilight when we got word that something had happened at Metro, Rick recalls. However, the airline has repeatedly said it will not release a passenger list. Northwest Airlines yesterday released the names of the crew and three-off duty employees who were killed aboard the plane. There was only one survivor, a 4-year-old girl from Tempe. Director Ian Robertson Writers Andre Barro Bernard Vaillot Mike Sheehan Stars Jonathan Aris (voice) Michael Kremko Bill Lake See production, box office & company info Add to Watchlist 1 User review Welcome to Northwest Flight 255 Memorial Home | The Crash | In Loving Memory | Resources | Guestbook | eMail | Search View the Memorial Marker Copyright 2003 Flight 255 Memorial. In Flight 255s case, it did not lift off until it was accelerating at 169 KIAS. There were 148 passengers and six crewmembers killed. Two motorists on Middlebelt Road were also killed. By: Fab. Each one of the victims' names was read out loud right next to the memorial placed outside City Hall. Fr. [5], Flight 255's captain was 57-year-old John R. Maus, from Las Vegas, Nevada. Or purchase a subscription for unlimited access to real news you can count on. Flight 255 first responder releases song about famous crash: A message of grief and hope. However, the recording also revealed that the flight crew had trouble engaging the autothrottle system at first, but did engage the system moments later. The high school reunion was Saturday. The second ground controller specified the route to runway 3C. I knew it was his plane, she said. May 25, 1979, was one of the worst days in American aviation history. Romulus Dee Murdy knew just after the plane crashed. Investigators had to exhaust every option to determine the cause of the crash. [1]:17, At 20:34:40, the pushback tug was disconnected from the aircraft and at 20:34:50, the controller cleared Flight 255 to taxi to runway number 3C (center). The National Traffic Safety Administration determines that the probable cause of the accident was the flight crews failure to use the taxi checklist to ensure that the flaps and slats were extended for takeoff. NTSB Aircraft Accident Report, page 68. Departing Saginaw, the flight crew operated the same aircraft as Flight 255, flying to John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California, with intermediate stops scheduled at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport in Romulus, Michigan (near Detroit), and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Arizona. bus and the CAWS unit. Witnesses of Flight 255 agreed that the takeoff roll was longer than what is normal in similar airplane takeoffs. Copyright 2023 is managed by Graham Digital and published by Graham Media Group, a division of Graham Holdings. The interruption of the input power to the CAWS occurred at the P-40 circuit breaker. After passengers disembarked the flight from Saginaw, a Northwest mechanic entered the cockpit to review the airplane and cabin maintenance logbooks prior to Captain Maus and First Officer Dodds taking over. Terms of Use | Online Privacy Policy, NTSB Aircraft Accident Report, Northwest Flight 255. The aircraft continued to slide on the road, hitting multiple rental cars, a railroad embankment, and three occupied vehicles before bursting into flames as it hit a railroad and an overpass on I-94. The Northwest hangar at the airport served as a temporary morgue. Three possible conditions would have caused power to be interrupted at the P-40 circuit breaker - the circuit breaker was intentionally opened by either the flight crew or maintenance personnel, the circuit breaker tripped because of a transient overload and the flight crew did not detect the open circuit breaker, or the circuit breaker did not allow current to flow to the CAWS power supply and did not annunciate the condition by tripping. We just wanted to connect with other people who were dealing with the same type of situation, Zanger said. On August 16, 1987, Northwest Flight 255 crashed shortly after taking off from Detroit Metropolitan Airport, killing 156 people. For the families who have come to Detroit, there is little to do besides identifying belongings and handing over dental and medical records. In one part of the hangar, working at a task that a medical examiners staff member said has devastated even veteran accident investigators, forensic pathologists and dentists studied remains of the victims, looking for clues that would lead to their identification. Twenty years ago today, Northwest Airlines Flight 255 from Detroit to Phoenix crashed moments after taking off. "[1]:68, After the crash, Northwest retired the flight number 255 along with its counterpart flight number 254, which was the outbound flight from Phoenix to Detroit. The crash is the seventh worst aviation accident in U.S. history. At 20:35:43, the ground controller instructed to use taxiway C and switch to frequency 119.45MHz to communicate with another controller. Seven were from Orange County, California, and the remainder were from Arizona, Michigan or other states. "She was a flight attendant," says Elizabeth Schaffer-Smith, who lost her mother in the crash. [14] This circuit breaker also controls some of the stall warning sounds. Rick Pluta was a reporter for United Press International at the time. Amid the carnage was 4-year-old Cecelia Cichan, the sole survivor of Northwest Flight 255. ((Sound similar to nose gear strut extension)), ((Sound similar to nose wheel spinning down)). Family and friends of Flight 255 victims gathered at the memorial site for a ceremony at 8 p.m. Wednesday to honor the lives of their loved ones. Northwest Airlines Flight 255 ATC recording, Northwest Airlines Flight 255 CVR recording, MinneapolisSaint Paul International Airport, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, List of aircraft accidents and incidents resulting in at least 50 fatalities, List of sole survivors of airline accidents or incidents, "Aircraft Accident Report, Northwest Airlines, Inc. 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Both engines were operating at or above takeoff power, according to the accident report. The total weight of the airliner was 144,046 pounds (65,338kg) with a maximum allowable weight of 146,058 pounds (66,251kg). It then broke apart, with the fuselage skidding across the road, disintegrating and bursting into flames as it hit a Norfolk Southern railroad overpass and the overpass of eastbound Interstate 94. More than 30 of the passengers were under 25. The true scope of the tragedy is revealed in the flight manifest. [1]:2 During the stopover in Detroit, a Northwest Airlines mechanic inspected the aircraft and the logbook. At 20:44:04, Flight 255 was cleared for takeoff. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, a wind shear is a change in wind speed and/or direction over a short distance. The mechanic noted that there was no record of any maintenance being done on the airplane while it was at DTW. In total, 156 people lost their lives. Even with time, however, the numbers do not tell the story. Virginia Robinson, 45, Fountain Valley, Calif. Capt. Traffic was already backing up on I-94 near the airport. Surowitz, a recent high school graduate, was traveling to join her parents at their new home in Tustin. Two motorists on nearby Middlebelt Road also perished and five people on the ground were injured, one seriously. Flight 255 crash scene / Photos courtesy of Getty Images and The Associated Press. An investigation of their personal background and actions during the days before the accident also turned up normal. var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; Nick Vanos, a 24-year-old center for the Phoenix Suns, was killed. On August 16, 1987 a McDonnell Douglas MD-82, operating as Northwest Airlines Flight 255, crashed shortly after takeoff from Detroit Metropolitan Airport, about 8:46 pm EDT , resulting in the deaths of all six crew members and 148 of the 149 passengers, along with two people on the ground. ", The investigators had spoken with other MD-80 pilots, and learned that many pilots found it a nuisance to hear a take-off configuration warning ("Slats Slats Slats.") while they were simply taxiing. . Melvin C. Roundy, 53, Mesa, off-duty Northwest employee. So over the years, hes used a website and social media to keep everyone connected. Flight attendant Bruce R. Elfering, 23, Eagan. The flight crashed after takeoff in . We turned on the radio. Dodds again acknowledged the instructions and this time acknowledged the new frequency and switched to it. [15] Delta continues the retirement of 255 by Northwest; as of 2022[update], Delta has no flight 255.[16]. More than 30 of the passengers were under the age of 25; two 12-year-olds were unaccompanied minors. He worked hard, liked to play golf. The plane was still rolling to the left when it collided with the ground, Middlebelt Road. About ten minutes before the flight was due to depart the gate, a company transportation agent brought the flight release package to the airplane. Editors note: the following is a first-person remembrance. Northwest is being as good as they can, said Donnie Ratliff. Nicole Polecs, whoseaunt and uncle, Lisa Polec-Klaft and Don Klaft, died in the crash, said herlate grandmother formed a support group to help others affected by the tragedy and sees the anniversary gathering as an extension of those efforts. The remnants of Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 255 lay along Middle Belt road just south of I-94. [1]:1 The jet was manufactured in 1981, entered service with Republic Airlines, and was acquired by Northwest Airlines in its merger with Republic in 1986. Her friend was eight years old and died alongside her parents and older brother. First Officer David J. Dodds, 35, Galena, Ill. "You just learn how to move forward. There was lots to celebrate: Reid Bushongs parents 50th wedding anniversary, the wedding of one of his nieces and the 30th reunion of his 1957 DeVilbiss High School class. . In addition to Rhett Bushong, two women originally had been scheduled to fly to Orange County on Sunday aboard Continental Airlines Flight 657. Some family members, including Dee Murdy, say their wounds havent healed. Family and friends of the victims and others from across the Metro Detroit area (including local media) attended, and a local priest read each victim's name aloud. On 16 August, 1987, a McDonnell Douglas MD-82, operating as Northwest Airlines Flight 255, crashed after takeoff from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, killing all of the crew and passengers except for a 4-year-old girl, Cecelia Cichan, who sustained serious injuries. He moved through the debris and bodies with a flashlight and discovered Cecelia strapped in a seat turned upside down. The autothrottle system failing to engage was the first red flag, with the stall warning being the second. DETROIT Authorities are searching for a man who, posing as a Catholic priest, comforted grieving relatives of the crash victims of Northwest Airlines Flight 255 while apparently soliciting . Morgan is a Digital Editor and has been with WDIV since May of 2022. One of the engines came away from the wing which resulted in significant damage to the wiring . More: Firefighter who pulled lone survivor from Flight 255 wreckage talks about crash, 35 years later, From the Vault: News coverage from crash of Northwest Flight 255 in 1987. The takeoff performance data that was in the flight crews package was based on using either runway 21L or 21R. The forecast that evening called for a chance of thunderstorms. Rhett Bushong was flying home ahead of his family so he would not miss the first day of football practice at Saddleback College, his father said. There was a possible failure of the takeoff warning system to provide aural warning for an improper takeoff configuration. electric power between the airplane's left dc. A few miles from where we stood, Northwest Airlines Flight 255 from Detroit to Santa Ana, Calif. via Phoenix had crashed seconds after takeoff from Metro Airport. The crash killed 156, including two people on the ground, the flight crew, and every passenger except one Cecilia Cechan. Jerome D. Cook, 48, Phoenix, off-duty Northwest employe. 2. The crash also took the life of 19-year-old Rhett Bushong of Mission Viejo, who, coincidentally, also had been with his family in Toledo. Surviving family members of the 156 persons who perished in the plane crash of Northwest Airlines Flight 255 on Aug. 16, 1987, will gather for their annual memorial Monday night at . [] 1987 8 16, 255 4 . In 1987, Northwest Airlines flight 255 crashed minutes after taking off from Detroit's Metro Airport, killing 154 people on board and two people on the ground, but leaving behind one tiny miracle. Murdy said Kirk had just graduated from the University of Oklahoma and planned to go back for his MBA. If it wasnt the pilots themselves, the aircraft, or the weather, it had to be the takeoff configuration. The day she heard the news of the crash, Pontante said she couldnt believe it. It was determined that the only circumstance that the plane would have been in dangerous proximity to obstacles at the end of the runway, was if the flaps and slats were completely retracted in its takeoff configuration. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigated the crash. "Went out to the ambulance checked in with our dispatchers and they told us you're responding to Metro Airport for an aircraft down. Maus had logged 20,859 flight hours during his career, including 1,359 hours on the MD-82. As the sun set, about 200 people listened as. The planes takeoff configuration, the pre-takeoff checklists, and the decisions leading up to the plane leaving the ground. VICTIMS OF FLIGHT 255 - The Washington Post VICTIMS OF FLIGHT 255 Following are names of 155 of at least 156 victims in the crash of a Northwest Airlines jet Sunday at Detroit. Flight 255 departed Saginaw for a flight to Detroit, Phoenix and Santa Ana, arriving at Detroit at 19.42h. AP Photo Flowers and pictures are shown at the memorial Thursday, Aug. 16, 2012, in Romulus, Mich. to mark the 25th anniversary of the crash of Northwest Airlines Flight 255 near Detroit . The NTSB published its final report on May 10, 1988, in which it concluded that the accident was caused by pilot error: "The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the accident was the flight crew's failure to use the taxi checklist to ensure that the flaps and slats were extended for takeoff. At this point the autothrottle is now engaged and the aircraft's computer is now in takeoff mode. They said proceeds from the song will go to the salvation army, who has supported the victims' families for decades during the annual day of remembrance. Robinson, known to her friends as Ginger, and her family had been visiting relatives in Pontiac, Mich. Family friends said Robinson was returning early to get to her job Monday as a receptionist in a Garden Grove doctors office. [8][9] Romulus firemen found Cichan still belted in her seat, which was faced down. A black granite memorial erected in 1994 in memory of the victims of Northwest Airlines Flight 255 McDonnell Douglas MD-82, which crashed shortly after takeoff from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport on August 16, 1987. The only survivor was a child on the plane. Rhett Bushongs suitcase arrived in Orange County unscathed late Sunday night--presumably aboard the Continental flight he was originally booked on. The NTSB was unable to determine a cause for the electrical-power failure in the central aural warning system (CAWS): "The failure of the takeoff warning system was caused by the loss of input 28V dc. Copyright 2022 by WDET and Wayne State University. The airline has been extremely protective of the families privacy, even taking the highly unusual step of withholding the list of those who were on the flight. The only survivor, Cecelia Cichan, a four-year-old from Arizona, was traveling with her mother, father, and older brother. Northwest Airlines Flight 185 (to Detroit tower). She is survived by her husband, Bill, 46, son, Scott, 16, and daughter, Theresa, 11, who remained in Michigan. 2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. [citation needed], 1987 plane crash of an MD-82 in Detroit, Michigan, USA, Aftermath of the Flight 255 crash: Aircraft debris field scattered along Middlebelt Road. Had the lost passengers been local . Its a representation of love. . Schaffer-Smith says she was 10 at the time. Aside from one training report during his early probationary period, captains that flew with him would describe his performance as average or above. When the airplane hit the eastbound I-94 overpass, it burst into flames. The FDR data showed that, at liftoff, the planes airspeed was about 169 KIAS (the airplane equivalent of MPH or KPH) and that instead of decelerating over the 14 seconds of the flight like an airplane that hit a wind shear would, the plane accelerated to about 184 KIAS and climbed almost 50 feet. Citation five ninety four Charlie charlie metro tower winds three zero zero at thirteen runway three right cleared to land where are you parking on the field. The plane hit lampposts and a rental-car office. Northwest Airlines Flight 255 is one of the deadliest aviation crashes in the nation. Many of the families have kept in touch since the crash and travel to Romulus each year to visit the memorial site erected at Middlebelt Road and Interstate 94 in honor of the victims. It was the second-deadliest aviation accident at the time in the United States. Only one person survived: a four-year-old girl with brown eyes, a chipped tooth, and purple nail polish. Andy Graves still remembers when alarms started going off about an aircraft down during his 24-hour shift . Shortly after take-off, 156 people were killed in one of the deadliest plane crashes in US history. Two people on. Right to zero six zero cleared to go northwest two fifty five. Virginia Robinson. They said he always used the airplane checklist, one first officer stated that he was a by-the-book pilot who would not tolerate any deviation from standard procedure.. On Tuesday, those who had loved ones on that tragic flight remembered them with a memorial service in Phoenix. Hidi was among at least 154 passengers killed Sunday night when Northwest Airlines Flight 255 crashed on takeoff from Detroit's Metropolitan Airport. Thirty minutes before the accident, other pilots reported wind shear alerts near Detroit Metro. As the sun set, about 200 people listened as a violinist played while mourners snapped photos or paused in front of a marble memorial adorned with flowers and stuffed animals. This summer will mark 26 years since Northwest Flight 255 crashed onto the highway outside Detroit Metro Airport. James Wieging, who ministered to families who lost loved ones during the Northwest Airlines Flight 255 disaster at Detroit Metropolitan Airport in 1987 as well as in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001, died Aug. 11 at the age of 79. Her son was on board. Dodds had logged 8,044 flight hours during his career (including 1,604 hours on the MD-82), and had worked for the airline for more than eight years. Behnke and his dad were just about to leave for Phoenix Sky Harbor to pick his mom up when they got the call. "She was wonderful," Schaffer-Smith says, "I have wonderful memories.". Witnesses reported that the plane was at a 90-degree left wing down position when it struck a roof. Rick Pluta and Pat Batcheller discuss Michigans deadliest aviation disaster. Please enter valid email address to continue. A black granite memorial erected in 1994 in memory of the victims of Northwest Airlines Flight 255 McDonnell Douglas MD-82, which crashed shortly after takeoff from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport on August 16, 1987. The jetliner was bound for Phoenix, and many of the victims were from the Valley. The aircraft was a twin-engined McDonnell Douglas MD-82, FAA tail number N312RC piloted by Captain John R. Maus, 57, and First Officer David J. Dodds, 35.Northwest 255 was carrying 149 passengers and 6 crew. [1]:22 The impact caused the left wing to start disintegrating and catch fire. Thirty years ago today, a flight outbound from Detroit Metro Airport on its way to Phoenix never reached its destination. View Comments. The siren, I presume, was from one of the area fire departments, a signal to its first responders to report for duty. "[1]:53. Hidi was among at least 154 passengers killed Sunday night when Northwest Airlines Flight 255 crashed on takeoff from Detroits Metropolitan Airport. It remains one of the worst disasters in U.S. aviation history. She spoke to the media about her experience for the first time in 2011.[12][13]. Metro tower lifeguard copter one zero two. The CVR provided evidence of the flight crew's omission of the taxi checklist. However, examinations of flight 255s Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) and FDR showed that the airplane had not encountered a decreasing headwind type of wind shear. First published on February 10, 2020 / 10:23 PM. Something important to keep in mind, on December 15, 1986, an FAA-approved checklist change was made, removing FLAPS from the BEFORE TAKEOFF checklist, and moving it to the TAXI checklist. "This song is emotional and beautiful and powerful and it captures that night," he said. As of 2014, Northwest, now owned by Delta, continues the retirement of 255 as a flight number. Northwest Airlines Flight 255, a McDonnell Douglas MD-82, crashed shortly after takeoff from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport on August 16, 1987, at about 8:46 p.m. EDT (00:46 UTC August 17), killing all six crew members and 148 of its 149 passengers. One hundred fifty-seven people were killed. [25], In Busy Philipps' 2018 memoir This Will Only Hurt a Little, Philipps mentioned that her friend Megan Briggs died the summer going into 5th grade on this plane crash. He was employed for 31 years and was certified to fly several different types of planes. We just wish we could get Hidi back.. A black granite memorial was built in 1994 to commemorate the victims. The couple was headed back home to Arizona after spending a week with family in Owosso. 2023 They dont feel so alone.. "That was the first like a positive glimmer of hope after the traumatic night that wow somebody made it, what a miracle and just thank God," said Graves. The National Transportation Safety Board conducted a full investigation of the crash. Because of this, the Safety Board first sought to determine if the plane had encountered a wind shear, it could be the reason the plane went down. The aircraft was powered by two Pratt & Whitney JT8D-217 turbofan engines. The now uncontrolled plane crashed inverted onto Middlebelt Road and struck vehicles just north of its intersection with Wick Road, killing two people on the ground in a car. Relatives took her in, protecting her from the media throughout her childhood. 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + ''; It happened at 8:46 p.m. [22][23] She did not speak publicly about the crash until 2013, when the documentary was released. Maus was an experienced pilot who had worked for the airline for 31 years, flying Fairchild F-27, Boeing 727, Boeing 757, McDonnell Douglas DC-9, and McDonnell Douglas MD-80 aircraft. Family and friends of the victims and others from across the Metro Detroit area (including local media) attended, and a local priest read each victim's name aloud. On August 16, 2007, the 20th anniversary of the crash, a memorial service was held at the site. You can check out the full NTSB report below: The flight crew and all but one passenger were killed instantly. This coincided with the missing sounds from the CVR of the incident flight.[14]. Copyright 2019 by WDIV ClickOnDetroit - All rights reserved. [2][3] It is also the deadliest aviation accident to have a sole survivor. Cecelia Cichan was just four years old when she became the sole survivor of doomed Northwest Airlines Flight 255. . He also authors the Morning Report Newsletter and various other newsletters. Craig had caught an earlier flight back to Phoenix, said Dee Murdy, who permanently moved to the familys Phoenix home in 2003. Contributing to the accident was the absence of electrical power to the airplane takeoff warning system which thus did not warn the flightcrew that the airplane was not configured properly for takeoff.
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